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Pastoral Care & Theology August 21, 2021 

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On behalf of the Academy of Christian Training and Service (ACTS) I am excited to take this opportunity to invite you and members of your church ministries to enroll in our  various Christian curriculum.

  • Certified Lay Minister Program (CLM)
  • Certificate in Christian Studies Program (CS)
  • Continuing Education (CE)
  • Personal Enrichment (PE)

Our objectives and purpose is:

  • To provide the curriculum requirements for those who desire to prepare for becoming certified lay ministers
  • To provide educational opportunities for those who wish to become  a youth minister
  • To provide educational opportunities for those who sense a call to lay church leadership
  • To provide experiential opportunities for development of pastoral skills
  • To provide opportunities for those who desire self-enrichment and a deeper understanding of the Christian faith
  • To provide continuing educational opportunities for ordained and certified clergy.

Upon the completion of these courses, the student will have developed skills as an effective preacher, youth minister or lay leader using sound methods of Biblical interpretation, demonstrating a grasp of the overall content and theology of the Old and New Testaments.  He/she will be able to lead meetings, administer the overall organization of a local American Baptist congregation, and coordinate programs, including stewardship, Christian education, evangelism and missions.

As a leader in worship, the student will demonstrate abilities to organize a service, perform the ordinances and organize his/her understandings of ministry into a theological framework.  In all these areas, the student will understand how each relates to our Baptist heritage and show willingness and ability to work within our current American Baptist structure.  A more comprehensive description of our courses can be found at the back of this invite.

Many of our students have come to ACTS because they have for a long time, had a call on their life.  They knew God wanted them to do something, but they didn’t know what and didn’t know how.  Our regional school of ministry has equipped many who have heard their calling.  With the growing number of churches going bi-vocational, the need for educated and equipped pastors is ever growing, therefore studying at our regional school of ministry will provide the opportunity to serve and minister to the churches needing to be served.

All courses are offered online.  To understand which one is best suited to you and for further information, please visit our website, acts4ministry.org; contact me at  rmoore.acts@abcopad.com or call (717) 805-4901. I look forward to hearing from you.

 Reverend Ruth S. Moore, Dean of Advancement.